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Stage Shows
Club Shows
Parlor Shows

Stage Show Options include an unbelievable levitation - click HERE to see video - PLUS audiences will see unbelievable acts of mind reading, incredible magic performed to music, great audience participation segments, genuine Houdini escapes, and much more. 

Available in small, medium, and large sizes, and specifically tailored for adults or families.

 Stage Shows are perfect for: 
Country Clubs, Resort Hotels, Organizations and Associations
Holiday events, Grand Openings, Marketing Events, Malls and Retailers, Fairs, Festivals, etc. 
If your group isn't listed above, call us anyhow.  This listing  barely scratches the surface of the groups that John performs for.
 The Psychic

Need a Psychic for your next party or event?  No problem!  Psychic readings and fortune telling are combined with an aura reading to give your guests a fascinating look at their personality traits, love life, money, fortunes, and more!  

This is a fun and truly fantastic evening for any event!  From Huge Outdoor Events to Corporate Events to Smaller House Parties and more, any size show in any location - everyone loves this fascinating form of entertainment!

Close Up Magic
Cocktail Magic
Tableside Magic
Mingling Magic

Tableside Magic is performed by going "table-to-table" at Restaurants, Country Clubs, Corporate events, Holiday Parties, Wedding Receptions, Luncheon and Dinner events, etc., and is a perfect way to entertain your guests.

Close Up Magic, Cocktail Magic, and Mingling Magic are performed in a variety of ways - from a fixed location, or "working the room".
PERFECT for any event... 

Banquets, Corporate events, Cocktail Parties, Marketing Events, Grand Openings, Holiday events, Receptions, Anniversaries, Special Events, Resorts, Country Clubs, Restaurants, etc.  
The Magic Station

Designed as a stationary tent magic show for outdoor events, a tent-less outdoor and indoor version is also available for any event.  Multiple magic shows are performed several times throughout the duration of your event!  Great for mixed audiences of all ages and in any location - always a huge hit with everyone!
Designed For: Marketing Events, Grand Openings, Holiday Events, Public Events, State and County Fairs, ALL festivals, outdoor theme parks and events, malls and shopping centers, resort hotels, campgrounds, schools, parks, street fairs, street festivals, art shows, music fests, school carnivals, etc. 
Connecticut Magician John Robert Available for All Events

Above: Levitating my Assistant on stage

For more information on pricing, availability, or bookings: contact John today.

Never any pressure or obligation.  Just friendly service, and a sincere desire to help you with your entertainment needs!
call:  239-571-6195
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